Symphony Orchestra

The “Nova Symphonia Patavina” Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 2011 in Padua. The group was at first constituted by students resident in the “Don Nicola Mazza” universitary accommodation, which still makes his theatre and church available to rehearse and perform some concerts. Very soon Davide Fagherazzi, who laid the foundation and conduces the orchestra, conceived the group as an opportunity for universitary students to meet and play. The aim was to fill the gap between the didactic orchestras and the professional ones. Actually it was an idea reflecting a real necessity, as the fact that in a short while the group has reached forty elements shows.

The orchestra joins about forty people between universitary students, already graduated or close to get their degree at the Conservatory Music School, and professional musicians. Each of those is not only a player but also a manager of the orchestra. It means that they take part in developing this cultural and business project, being aware of the social importance of that. The result is an orchestra which is growing very fast in the desired direction, attracting players from many countries such as Belgium, Germany, Syria, Russia, Venezuela and Japan and getting the interest of an even young public, through a repertory including classical and film music.